Adolescent Therapy

Been there.  Done that.  Never wish to go back.  That’s typically every adults perspective when looking back on their teenage years.  And who can blame them?  Hormones rage, pressures abound, and stress escalates all while trying to figure out who the heck they are.  

Counseling is highly beneficial for teens for a variety of reasons.  Whether your child is going through a crisis, having academic trouble, depressed or dealing with anxiety, it helps to have someone they can trust to talk to that will listen to them and help them cope in a healthy manner.  Sometimes there’s a deeper issue that surfaces during counseling that is causing the symptoms that your teen is experiencing.  Your therapist can help identify that root issue and work with your child (and the family) to regain the wholeness that every teen deserves so that they can live a full and abundant life.  

Here are some common issues that adolescents struggle with:

  • academic issues
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • anxiety and stress
  • depression
  • eating issues
  • family dynamics
  • grief and loss
  • life transitions
  • relationships
  • self-image
  • self-injury
  • sleeplessness

Maddie charges $125 per 45 minute Adolescent Therapy sessions. Please contact her for more information