Adult Counseling and Wellness Coaching

At some point along the way, we became disconnected from ourselves. We decided that we were not good enough, attractive enough, smart enough, talented enough, (you fill in the blank) and as a result, we stopped looking at the parts of ourselves that made us uncomfortable. Our imperfections made us feel vulnerable to the world. We became afraid; Afraid that who we really are might not be worthy of love. We weren’t equipped with the skill sets we needed to effectively process the emotional chaos we experienced, so we continued to shut down. We busied ourselves with perfectionistic tendencies, over eating, under eating, shopping, relationships, exercise, substance use, technology use, work or anything that could possibly distract us from experiencing our True Selves. We disconnected further and continued to suffer. When we disconnected from ourselves, we disconnected from our Divinity. We disconnected from our primary Source of Love, and continued to suffer more. When you couldn’t take it any more, or decided you wanted something else for your life, the Universe helped you to stumble upon this website. 

Initiating counseling with Maddie provides you an safe environment and structure to reconnect. To slowly start peeling back the layers of fear and dissatisfaction to find the truth: You are pure Love. You are perfectly imperfect, Divinely designed to contribute to this world in a very important way. Working with Maddie, you will learn to turn towards the parts of yourself that you feared were your worst qualities. You will learn to find the gifts in your flaws, and tap into that part of you that knows exactly why you are here and why you are essential. 

In her 6 years of experience, Maddie has found that combining traditional psychotherapeutic theory and techniques with mindfulness and yogic philosophy produces the most effective results in her own healing and the healing of her clients. Together in session, Maddie will help you to identify the patterns and programs you have created that are preventing you from living out your most authentic and fulfilling life. She will teach you practices and skills that will assist you in breaking down those programs, and she will encourage you to establish a life that is more aligned with your True Self.  While it will be intense and transformative, you will most definitely have fun along the way. 


Maddie charges $125 per 50 minute hour for Adult Counseling. Contact Maddie to set up an appointment.