Maddie Cohen, LPC in Asheville, NC

Maddie is the founder and owner of Healing Well.  She has been practicing counseling and play therapy for 6 years. Maddie received her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the world renowned Play Therapy Program at the University of North Texas. She studied under Dr. Garry Landreth, one of the leaders and founding fathers of Play Therapy. With her extensive training and her god-given healing nature, Maddie provides an environment optimal for growth. Only in safety and acceptance can you discover and heal yourself.

In 2013, Maddie experienced a heart-expanding awakening and she remembered: She remembered that we are all connected. She remembered that we are all Divine beings, worthy of compassionate Love, and here to fulfill a very important purpose. Shortly after her remembering, she became more attuned to subtle energies and learned how to move and refine her own energy. She quickly realized that this was the beginning of a new way of being, and that she would be teaching this new way of being to her clients. It involved being truthful and authentic, living life for herself and no one else, and having compassion and acceptance for every one she encountered and every situation she experienced. This new way of seeing and relating to the world was transformative and essential, and has become the foundation of her counseling.  

Maddie believes that suffering (and accompanying behavioral symptoms) originates from a lack of true love and acceptance of Self. Our environment, experiences and relationships influence how we see the world and what we believe about ourselves. These beliefs begin at a very young age and influence our every thought, feeling and behavior. In the therapeutic relationship, you and/or your child will be guided to understand, love and accept your true Self. That’s where the healing (and happiness) begins.

Maddie really enjoys working with young children and parents, teenage girls, as well as adults looking to become more authentically aligned with their true Self. 

Maddie is currently licensed in the state of Texas (license # 68562) and in the state of North Carolina (license # 13265).  


“The core wound we all suffer from is the disconnection from our own being. This inner disconnection originally took place in childhood as we contracted in fearful reaction to an environment that did not fully see, welcome, or accept us.” -John Welwood