Parenting Support

Man, wouldn’t it be easier if your children came with a manual. The truth is every child has their own unique needs and sometimes it feels impossible to keep everyone happy. Understanding your child may feel like you are trying to interpret a foreign language. Maybe you just want to give your child a better childhood than the one you had. Maybe you had a wonderful childhood, and seemingly so does your child, but their behavior just isn’t lining up. Whatever the issue is, the one thing that is constant is that your child needs YOU. Your child craves your emotional connection and support, even when they try to push you away. The problem appears when communication and understanding is confused. Not to mention that when your child is having an emotional melt down, you are having to manage your own emotional reaction (way easier said than done). 

Time spent with your therapist will focus on the parent-child relationship. We help you, the parent, understand your child better, understand yourself better, and how to manage all emotional processes. After all, emotional process underlies every thought and behavior. We teach you to work with emotions instead of against them.


Maddie charges 125 per hour for Parenting Support sessions please contact her for more information.